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Design Idea?

Send me your design ideas and get the design free if I choose yours!

I'm always on the lookout for fresh and fun ideas! If you've got an idea for a design with wide appeal, send me all the details. If I choose to design yours, I'll send it to you for free.


In your message, send every detail that is important to you (dimension, fonts, etc.). You can paste links to show examples. Any detail you don't give me, I will make my own choices for. There will be no revisions.

I won't do names, dates, or trademarked/under copyright designs. I won't copy another's work. I won't contact you to tell you if I've chosen your design. You must fill out this form to be considered (contact me on Etsy, etc., if you want a yes/no answer, but you will not get the design for free!). The design will go into my shops for resale. If I pick your idea, I'll design it within 1 month and email it to you. Any questions? See the contact page to send me a message!

I reserve the right to remove this offer at any time! Just thought I'd try out something that sounds fun!

Thanks for submitting!

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