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About me

Hello! My name is Maya and I’m a graphic designer who loves to make art of all sorts. I get a huge kick out out of seeing others inspired to make things with my designs. Though I have access to the same fonts and things as most everyone else who uses a vinyl cutting machine, I like to think I have a well-honed eye for design. I also smooth out the rough edges of all those fantastic handmade fonts for you, because most fonts are made for type, not cutting machines.


When I design, I think about your workflow. Even with the more complex designs, I try to keep in mind the home crafter, those who make for their sign/t-shirt shops, and those who might be painting a sign for the first time ever at your sign painting party. Many of my designs are simple, but create a big impact—that’s my very favorite thing!


If I can give you good, on-trend designs that make you excited to get to work making wood signs, t-shirts, and more, then I feel like I’ve done my job. And that makes me so happy!


When I’m not working on SVGs, I have a bunch of other hobbies and not enough time for them. I love photography, antiquing, reading, movies, knitting, spinning yarn, and learning new art skills. I’m married and a mom of two. We’re homeschoolers. My son was born with a physical disability called arthrogryposis, and I’m so very grateful that I have this shop that allows me to stay home with my kids as we work on his various therapies. We live near Atlanta, GA. In my life, I’ve worked for a typesetter, a real estate magazine, and I’ve sold various things I’ve made online since 2009, including my own handspun yarn and handmade jewelry. 

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